LED vs Plasma, 60" vs 65"

I am looking to buy a new TV for my basement. I can fit a 65" but may go 60". Want to get a really good TV. Let me know what you think. Thank you.
Do the plasmas still have reflection issues for those of us with lots of natural light in our rooms? Reflections drive me crazier than I already am.
yes they have glare issues but some are worse than others. My newer Plasma has a low glare display which helps a lot. In my opinion all the new flat panel displays regardless of technology have glare issues to some extent.
Cant get around some reflective issues with plasma but its worth the trade off for all thats better about image and motion.
My 70" Pioneer/Sharp Elite TV has darker blacks than any plasma I've seen - lots of positives, few if any negatives. They also make a 60". No glare, great picture, lots of features. It is a "really good TV" and has been proven so in various blind shootouts, many of which are on youtube. No, I didn't save the links - if interested can be easily found.
Yes we all know how trustworthy blind tests are, and who wouldnt be convinced by a youtube video from a owner of monitor up for review, no chance for opinion there, thats crazy talk! I suppose your monitor somehow also magically overcame the universally known artificial less film like picture every LCD made has suffered from? LCD is closing the gap but you cant honestly ignore there is still a gap. Glare is a fault of the room, not a monitor.