Led Zeppelin II

Greetings and Happy Halloween. I would like to get some suggestions on a good version on Vinyl of Le Zeppelin II. Bought the latest release of 4 and it has no bass at all. Thanks and best regards. 

i have the Classic 33rpm and the Classic 45rpm LZII from the box set, and enjoy both. the 45 is killer in my system.

i also have a very fine 15ips, 1/4" master dub of LZII that is better than the 45. a force of nature on the Studer.

not had an OP in my system.

If money is no object, check better-records.com. I believe one of theirs sold for over $700.
Thanks Notesaddict but that's way too steep. Any opinions on the latest reissues?? 45 rpm, etc??