Led Zeppelin II

Greetings and Happy Halloween. I would like to get some suggestions on a good version on Vinyl of Le Zeppelin II. Bought the latest release of 4 and it has no bass at all. Thanks and best regards. 
If money is no object, check better-records.com. I believe one of theirs sold for over $700.
Thanks Notesaddict but that's way too steep. Any opinions on the latest reissues?? 45 rpm, etc??
Someone here on Audiogon has a Japanese pressing for sale. Any opinions on that?? Gracias.
Haven’t heard it -of II. My second japanese press of 1 is special, and not crazy money, but I can’t make the leap of faith from that to a japanese pressing of II.
I thought the Jimmy Page sanctioned reissues from a few years ago were great for people who wanted clean playing copies--but they sounded vey sterile to me. I only bought the first three, listened to them in comparison to some other copies, and eventually, they went out the door with about 5-7000 other records before I moved.
As to the 45s, you’ve already got my comments and mike lavigne’s. Generally, those were only available as part of the complete road case, which is now stupid money, and some individual albums here and there from The Music and/or Hobson and a few third party vendors, including test pressings and the like, also pricey.

on a related note, Chris Huston, one of the engineers of LZII, designed my room. i listened to LZII with him during the project, in my temporary room. he had a few stories to tell......

he loved my tt back then.