Leema Acoustics Antila CDP

Does anyone own or heard the Leema Acoustics Antila CDP. Heard it is very impressive and won What Hi Fi CDP player of the year over 2,500 Stg.
I have been wondering the same thing. They look very well built and sleek. Maybe a possible future import for the U.S.?
I have heard one for a prolonged period at a show last year and thought the system about the best in the show. Of course the rest of the system was very good indeed. The sound was what I look for in CD, detailed, good soundstage, but lacking that digital grain, which is so difficult to live with long term. As ever, what is a good value CD player in the UK, will be very expensive in the US, due to the $ price. I almost wonder why any of you colonials even consider European HiFi at the moment, with the current exchange rate.