Left Channel Blues

After three and a half years of listening to my MA252 through SF Olympia IIIs with virtually no problems and much enjoyment, at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks, the left speaker goes very quiet and really crackly or fuzzy. 

So, unplug receiver, unplug speaker cables from receiver, then unplug cables from the speakers . . . wait 5 to ten minutes, reverse the steps above . . . AND it’s like it never happened. 

Today, I listened to cds for 3+ hours, all good, then, power up at midnight . . . Poof . . left channel gone again.

Speaker cables are Maze Audio (rip David) Eden series 12 gauge copper twisted pair configuration with 14k banana plugs on both ends.

What gives ?  Thoughts and recommendations will be appreciated !

This time after unplugging all cables, I will switch left for right speaker cables to see if right channel goes out . . . which hopefully will identify if problem is speaker cable or the amplifier.  Thanks all. 






Swap the speaker cables on back of amp, so left is now right etc. If the issue now occurs on the right channel then you know it is the amp and not the speakers, of don't forget to swap cables back. Then swap the left an right valves over on the amp etc.

You just have to go through the process of finding the criminal. This does sound like an electronics issue and tubes will do this sort of thing. Next time it goes out tap the tubes lightly with a screwdriver.

I had a similar problem not long ago. No matter what I switched around the left channel was weak. I thought something in the crossover had gone south. I eventually used my phone to measure the speaker outputs, and BAM, they were exactly the same! Turned out my left hearing aid was malfunctioning.

Sounds like you have a broken connection in your Mac.  When it gets warm a connection expands and separates.

Call Mac.

Gotta be the amp.  Vanishingly unlikely you have an intermittent cable connection.