Left on DVD Too long ? sad mistake ?

Hello ,

I did a silly thing I have my cable TV connected to the dvd player-recorder[ a panasonic] and I left it on for months . I was not using it but it was on . I went to put a dvd in just now and it did not respond to the open or close command to put the dvd in . I was able to turn it off by the remote and hope it will cool off or mend the problem .
It didn't feel very hot, I really hope I didn't burn anything out .

I would very much appreciate any suggestions .

Hi Alex,
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I telephoned Panasonic at 800-561-5505 and they were very helpful, albeit it took them a while to actually pick up the phone. I suggest that you unplug your DVD player for 24 hours and hope for the best. There may also be a way to do a "reset" by pushing two buttons at once. This should be somewhere in your owner's manual. Good luck!
(Now, I wish someone would respond to my thread. LOL!)
I second the 'reset' suggestion. there's gotta be a simple way to do it. check the manual.
I just got off the phone with the panasonic teck and trouble shooter . we tried unplugging it and resetting by pressing ch-up & down at the same time for 10 sec then, stop button & ch - up 10 sec . press and hold power button , It shuts off it shuts on it shows the correct time and it all ends in " PLEASE WAIT '' . and that is all wont's to do .
What am I not doing write ? the unit is make in march 04 but is like new I used it 6 times .