Legacy Aeris speaker placement , two wall choice dilemma

I have a room that is 24ft x 24ft x 8ft, thats right, the worst possible room!. And I can place them only on two walls and both have some constraints. 

Wall 1: 

  Speakers cannot be closer than 8ft or farther away than 9ft. Left speaker is close to a wall/corner i.e 2 feet. 
  Listening position is flexible on this side, ranging from 8ft to 12ft measuring the side of the triangle (from front of the
  speaker) i.e
  This is my current wall!, i.e where the TV is.

Wall 2:

  Speakers cannot be closer than 12ft or father away than 14ft. No wall on the either side of speaker for 4+ ft.
  Listening position is 9ft to 11ft  from speaker(side of the triangle, from front of the speaker.
  There is a fireplace on the left side that prevents the speakers from getting closer without affect WAF factor!.
  Exploring moving TV to this wall, so need to consider carefully.

In both cases speaker i.e the front plane of the speaker is 3 ft from the wall (cannot be more).

Since the speakers are big and dealer is going to help me set it up I want to make sure I do not change my mind after they are setup.

Any comments or suggestion?. 

I attempted to draw the room so that I can better convey the problem.

The top left portion of the room i.e the walls left and top is where I can I place the speakers. 

Any help or comments is appreciated.
Congrats on your Aeris! They're an incredible speaker.
I can't quite tell from the diagram and your text what is going on the room- any chance you could upload a photo?It looks like the fireplace wall is most ideal.
@nathansaudio thanks. The fireplace wall side restriction is that the speakers cannot be less than 13ft apart and the listening position is 11 to 12 for from each speaker. This is due to TV placement etc on this side.

So not an equilateral triangle and also not according to the recommendation for Aeris placement.

I am am wondering what to do.