Legacy Audio Focus SE compared to the Legacy Aeris Speakers

I am looking for owner opinions of the Legacy Audio Focus SE speakers compared to the Legacy Aeris speakers from a sound quality perspective.  I am considering either of the 2, but have to wait another 5 weeks until a new local dealer will have their showroom ready for display.


It's interesting how you hi-jacked this Legacy thread. Even if you feel it was unintentional on your part.....The point is, try doing that on one of a half dozen Tekton threads currently going, and see what happens....
As a recent owner of the Signature SE's, I think Legacy makes incredible speakers. Anything else would've been too big for my room, and they sound so amazing.
I love my Whisper HD"s  with Silver Graphite Mids . With all tubes. Legacy makes some great sounding speakers.
I've had the Legacy Signature III's in the system for many years now. Why Legacy stopped making the Signature III's is beyond me. Its a great speaker. If it were not for my smallish room dimensions, I'd own the Legacy Focus ... the old ones, not the new ones.