Legacy Audio Focus XD - Gain Matching Issue between the internal and external amp?

The Focus XD has an internal amp (ICEpower).  So if I drive the mid and high with an external amp of my choice and drive the dual 12" woofers with XD's internal amps, would I run into gain matching issue between the internal amp and the external amp?  Legacy Audio said the Focus XD is a standalone speakers that don't require their processors such as the Wavelaunch or Wavelet.  



I  will love  hear more about these speakers as I plan to audition/buy a pair this summer. I also plan to use them in bi amp configuration with my VAC amp.

I believe you can order them with the function of disengaging the internal ice amps and use your own amp… 



@fthompson251  The Focus SE is a passive speaker. The XD is powered with multiple connection options. Their website has the specifics of each.

I know one can with the Aeris and above, I don’t see why the Focus would be left out… I bet there would be a fee for this. Yes the powered version…