Legacy audio Signature lll speakers.

I am looking to buy a pair of these and I am wondering will they be a good match to a 150 watt McIntosh MA6850 integrated amplifier?

How is the speaker overall? Midrange? Highs? Bass I know is no issues. Is the sound seemless from speaker to speaker?

Are Legacy speakers just a high end Cerwin Vega? Before anybody slams me I have read some negatives about Legacy speakers in general, but only in the forum here in Audigon.

These speakers rarely are seen in the used market and I think that says a lot.

It seems like if most people love them, there is always some who will bash the brand. I see that about several comapanies like Dk Design/LSA, Von Schweikert, and many others. IS the bashing coming from real users? And if so how long did they use the product before bashing oocurs?
Another opinion - just average. Clear, but disjointed. Efficient, but difficult to drive the woofers. Never really disappear, and are not 'wholistic'. Can be impressive hi fi, but not musical. Just my 2ยข
Smthies & Ribd11,
The word "amazing" is way over the top for the Sig. III. They are good speakers, that can be hard to dial in. While they will produce without a ton of power, they will not be at there best.
Anyone who thinks the Legacy Sig IIIs are lacking, should check their associated equipment and room treatments. Properly set up, the Sig IIIs is an amazing speaker.

One thing the speakers love are tube amps. If any of the naysayers are using, or have used solid state amps with the Siggies ... therein lies your problem.

I've been in this hobby since the early 1960s and can honestly say, FOR THE MONEY, the Sig IIIs are among the best speakers out there.
I currently have both the focus and the Sig's with a Mac 352 and 2200 pre and found them seamless. They need an amp with high current. My mac is 100 amps and is very good at controlling the speaker. I also would add that adding good speaker stands attached to the speaker really helped clean every up including the bass.