Legacy Audio Whisper HD

I just purchased a pair of newly refurbished Whisper HD's with upgraded drivers and the Wavelaunch  Processor to replace my Wilson Witt II's. They were just shipped from Legacy. The Wilsons worked perfectly in a 12x18x8  15x34x8 and 24x12x8 rooms. I may be moving the system into a 50x27x8 room and think the Wilsons would work, but want something different I guess. Does anyone have experience with the Whispers (non amped} Speakers using a tube system? I'll be using a Cary CAD 120s Amp and a Cary SLP98P Pre. I'll probably start in the 24x12x8 room. The Amp is rated at 60 WPC in Triode and 120WPC in Ultralinear with Gold Lion KT88's. I've only  heard the Whispers with SS and that was a few years back. Thanks in advance.