Legacy Calibre - big soundstage - what other standmounts offer this?

recently was able to hear Legacy Calibres and was super impressed by the large wall of sound they were putting out

in that size box the largest soundstage I've heard previously was from Dyn Heritage Specials but the Calibres exceeded even those

wondering what you guys have heard in stand mount form factor that accomplishes an abnormally large soundstage?


The Boenicke W5 would be one to look at with the caveats that they need a good amount of space and power to fully open up to their full potential.  Another would be the omnidirectional MBL monitors that come with a much higher price tag. 

Having had a pair of active Calibre monitors in my home for a few months, I can confirm what you heard. Very few speakers at that price point do that so well. Pretty sick bass response as well for a speaker of that size. The quality of the veneer work was one of the best I've seen, beating a pair of $44k active speakers I had in another room.

Made in the US keeps costs and unemployment down.

Active Calibre monitors - would love to hear these, never even seen a pair used for sale which speaks volumes!

I think.....by 'active' they mean powered so same passive cross overs with ICE amplification

based on that, I suspect a better amp on the non powered version would be the way to go