Legacy Focus 20/20's vs PBN Montana EPS-2

Still thinking of a new speaker and these have caught my eye. Anybody hear them both. Are they SET friendly, my monoblocks have 36 watts each? Any help appreciated.
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If you are ever in St. Louis let me know, you can come listen to mine.
The Focus 20/20's lack that top end, but I just love how smooth & relaxed they are. Everything sounded good in them.

I bi amped the 20/20's once with 2 qty 3bsst Brystons. Couldn't hear anything special vs not bi amping and using a 4bsst.
The HDs are a big improvement over an already good speaker (20/20s),the SEs another step yet again. I have never had ear fatigue regardless of how many hours I've listened with any Legacy speaker from Focus on up...I bi-amped my 20s and my HDs with excellent results. With the Edge NL 12.1 amp and the refinements in the HDs and the SEs, I've not found a real need to bi-amp them but they clearly could leverage such a setup even if they don't need it to sound their best.
The EPS-2 Montanas are far better engineered , I told Bill D at Legacy for years to get rid of the gritty ceramic resistors,and Solen capacitors
Garbage in ,garbage out.as of 2012 He finally listened using Clarity
Capacitors but maybe only on certain models. The Focus -SE on up
Is now a good speaker,before that Noway cheap drivers and components.
Montana is totally hand made ,even the inductors are hand wound
And poly caps and 5 percent or less resistors they weigh 135 lbs each
That is the only drawback. The Focus before2011-12 did not put you
In the concert as very involving,good bass and dynamics,though.
The Montana at 92 db,4 ohms even at low volume inner detail and micro dynamics are present. Peter N does not advertise too much ,where
legacy throw $$ at the magazines.i must say though his latest
For $17k are very nice. He finally got the picture,I t old him about using quality Xovers way back in 1997 at the Waldorf show , although through deaf ears. Better late then never . Now it is a matter of choice.
The AMT tweeters he uses are made overseas,but seem to be of good quality,and have their own unique sound and characteristics.