Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers AMP/Pre Amp

Hi, I am new to the forum and have been trying to find some information on the Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers.  I realize these are older speakers, but there is a pair locally where I live that are in very good condition and at a really decent price.  I have a large room that they will be going in, which is why I was drawn to these larger speakers.  I have also been looking at Legacy's newer speakers too, such as the Focus XD's or the Aeris on the forums, but they are typically only offering local pick up.  Any thoughts for or against the Focus 20/20's? 

I'm also looking for suggestions on amps and a preamp for these.  I am considering a McIntosh MC 452 or a pair of McIntosh 501 mono's for power.  Any thoughts on either of those for powering the 20/20's?

Last, any suggestions on a tube vs. solid state pre amp?  I wasn't sure if a solid state would be needed, or if I could go with a tube preamp (which I would prefer).  I also understand that Legacy has their Wavelet preamp with room correction that seems to be a requirement with their newer speakers, but wasn't sure if that would be beneficial with the Focus 20/20's.  As I mentioned, the room where these speakers will be going is a large, square room, but it also has a high "A Frame" type ceiling.  So that will likely play into the acoustics.     

Starting out, I will be running a MM turntable and a media/CD player.    

I am a novice when it comes to getting into specs of speakers and amps/preamp requirements, which is why I am reaching out on the forum.  




@soix   I didn't dig that deep into that aspect, I am just going off of my personal experience with the Focus XD's. Prima Luna makes a Tube hybrid integrated that is well within his budget that may work better. Primaluna EVO 300 Hybrid will have the tub pre and SS amp combo. $7295 + Legacy 20/20 $2200 = $9495.

Thank you everyone for the info, I will look into all the additional suggestions noted above. 

fthompson251, I believe those XD's have internal amps, so perhaps you are powering the subs with those, and running tubes for the mids and highs?  The newer Focus are another option I've been contemplating, just haven't seen any on the used market.  Do you use the Legacy Wavelet, and if so, how do you like it?

Appreciate all the additional color from everyone.  



I now stand with @soix  regarding use of a SS amplifier I should have done more of my own research prior to answering. 

Aric's preamps mate well with either tube or SS amps. Can be had with variable output gain or fixed gain based on sensitivity of amplifier.

@dsrobert  Yes, I use the Wavelet II as an external crossover and for the Room correction, it does an amazing job for that. Yes, I use a VAC Renaissance 70/70 Signature amp on top. I am saving for an Aric Audio amp to replace it. My VAC amp is getting old so I want to keep it to swap from time to time, it is a wonderful amp. I also am saving for Arics Motherload XL pre amp too. I may get that first.