Legacy Helix Reference Speakers

Has anyone ever owned or heard these speakers? I am interested in any impressions you might have compared to the Legacy Whispers, Focus 20/20 (own these currently) and any other high-end speakers you may have heard previously in the same league.

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I have heard the Helix, owned the Focus 20/20s and now own the Whispers. From my experience, the bottom end of the 20/20s is unchallenged by any speaker I have heard except for the Helix. For example, in my room the 20/20s began to roll off at around 16 Hz with no help from a sub [exactly as the spec indicates]. When I listened to the Helix, I remember on one demo track feeling my hair vibrate before I could hear anything…now that’s pressurizing the room! I have never experience that from any other home speaker.

I know what Chadnliz means about the Whispers though...I think he is referring mostly to the lack of deep bass. This is a bit odd when you consider it is up the model ladder from the 20/20s. Nevertheless, I like my Whispers more than my Focus 20/20s because of the improved imaging and sense of space. Things just got more real and believable with the Whispers. I have integrated some subs to get that bottom end back that I was used to with the 20/20s though. Doing it this way is much smoother and cleaner than turning up the Whisper Processor knob [IMO of course]. Now I have the 20/20s bottom end, and all the naturalness of the Whispers.

The Helix certainly seems more complicated and expensive to set up. I heard them in Macungie and they were fantastic...from my memory anyway. Besides the example above, I remember a huge, super wide soundstage that totally surrounded me [even behind me somehow]. Vocals just floated beautifully in the air. But this was in ’03. Not that anything has changed since then, but it is a long time ago to remember this sort of thing.

The Helix requires all the amps because it has an outboard crossover/processor. There are not the “standard” internal crossovers for the tweeters/mids/woofers found in traditional speakers. I believe they also use an aluminum sub driver [like from the LF Xtreme Subwoofer] that has its own internal amplifier. At least this is my understanding, I could be wrong.
So wich between the Whisper and Helix do you think is better suited to a room that is 13X28 Whisper or the Helix there would be extra cost being either amps or subs, but the Helix at its pretty high efficiency might suggest that moderate power amps of 100-200 might get good boogy going as the low end is internally powered by what I assume is a Plate amp. So you need 3 of your own 2 channel amps correct?
As I understand it yes, you need 3 two channel or six monos.

As far as room size, I have no idea. I don't know if they are better suited for large rooms, or if it doesn't matter. I only listened to them...I wasn't really shopping for them.

BTW, have you seen these things? They are physically HUGE! This would imply a larger room.

One last thing, efficiency doesn't tell the whole story. I think I mentioned this to you before, but I may be mistaken. The Focus 20/20s are efficient too, but if you give them a ton of current from a big amp, you'll certainly appreciate it. When I had my 20/20s I went from 1200 w/ch to a higher current 350 w/ch amp and the improvement was gigantic. OK, maybe it wasn't just because of the increased amperage...maybe it was simply a better amp. Still though...
Zephyr what did you end up buying?
Class A Coda amps with any Legacy speaker are good match.
150 Watts into 8 Ohms
300 Watts into 4 Ohms
Precision Bias Class A operation to 100 Watts
sliding to Class AB at higher output level
We have a Coda 15.0 in one listening room with a 7X Pre that is beyond words.
They are running a pair of Whisper XDs
The closest thing I could find to this in Vegas this January was a setup over 115K.
Legacy Audio provides some of the most efficient speakers on the planet.In the speakers you are discussing they only require 10 watts per side.
We have run the Focus SE with a Class A 13 watt tube amp and they sound very good.
If you want more power so be it they certainly aren't power shy.
More speaker damage occurs from under power than over power.
The setup I described is 46K MSP including a DAC,MacPro and 52" 3D.
The new version Helix only requires two-2 channel stereo or 4 mono.
The difference between the Helix and Whisper is like comparing a Maserati to Ferrari.
In either speaker they never get turned off.
It all comes down to the budget.