Legacy Studio HD or Joseph Audio RM7XL Speakers?

I'm shopping for excellent smaller speakers to give me the most accurate sound I can get in a small package, for listening to CDs and as speakers for watching DVDs. Both the Joseph Audio RM7XL speakers and the Legacy Studio HD speaker/monitors get excellent reviews. If you have or have heard either, please comment.
i've heard the larger Legacy audio speakers at RMAF and the Joseph Audio Pulsars the same weekend.My take on it is that Legacy speakers seem to me at least to thrive in larger rooms.The Pulsars in an average size hotel room really did seem to do no wrong and made my top 5 list of the show according to my notes.
Yes, definitely open to suggestions. I chose the Legacy and Joseph Audio based on 1) my having owned Legacy Whispers, incredible speakers for much less than other high end speakers, plus their designer really seems to know what he's about in terms of sound reproduction, plus independent glowing reviews for their Studio HD monitors; and 2) having seen some years ago the "best of show" for Joseph Audio speakers and reading similar glowing reviews for their RM7XLs. But I'm willing to shop more widely if you have other suggestions.
Wkwachob, I was going to recommend the Vapor Audio Breeze which I own. They are an amazing value at $1300. Ryan puts over $1,000 worth of parts in them, including the fantastic Raal Tweeter and Wavcor woofers.
I think the speakers can easily hang with 5 thousand dollar monitors. I upgraded to an amorphous core Raal and Dueland resistors. I also used a curved cabinet and had them done in redwood burl. I also have matching stands with the crossover in the base of the stands. Mine took about four months, but they were well worth the wait!!! You may be able to get a standard Breeze in a few weeks though.
Evolution Acoustics MMMicro ones have been getting awesome reviews from the shows. They go about $2500 with stands.
Thanks, I'll see if I can hear the Breeze and MMMicro speakers when in NYC, though $2,500 is above my price point (up to $2,000, max).