Legacy ultra mono bloc

New to the forum. Just inherited a pair of legacy ultra mono bloc and I know nothing about them.  Curious as to the value on used market now? What did they sell for new.?  Any info would be appreciated? 
Selling?  Been looking for a hi power monoblocks.  

M me, or contact me, I may be interested. Thank you

If you can believe the specs, these are serious older big Krell Monoblock  and Parasound JC1 Monoblock type of amp, heaps of current and able to double it's wattage, would have been nice to see the 2ohm figure. 26kg each amp. Something Wilson Alexia's need up them, as they are a pig of a load. And they love the JC1's driving them.

In Australia because they aren't well known I think up to $2.5kaud if in good nick, and nice working condition.

Rated Power:

600 Watts/channel, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, into 8 ohms

1200 Watts/channel, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 4 ohms


Faceplate: 17”W x 5 1/2”H

Chassis: 16 3/4”W x 6” H x 14”D

Weight: 58 pounds

Current Capability: 90 Amperes peak

Cheers George