Lehman Black Cube or Grado PH-1 Preamp

Anyone have experience with these? I'm not in a position to try them, but in the $500 range, these two seem to fair well. Thanks for any feedback.
I think that the Lehman is the far better of the two, particularly if you get the PWX upgraded power supply.

If you want something a little less expensive, I would recommend a Rega Fono, which is available in MM or MC versions, or a Goldring PA-100, which is only available as an MM.
Almost any 70's era integrated will supply you with a far superior phonostage, if there's no drift in caps. Grado uses a few special tricks, and I hear many more good things about it than Lehman, although I know 6 moons liked it. And as recent victim of Grado cartridge hum, I dunno. Of course I upgraded my phonostage as well.
I bought a Lehman SE here on A'gon used; I think they usually run 400 - 450 used ..... I recommend the SE; it's all the preamp I'll ever want. Joe