Lenco owners - arm/cart discussion,suggestions?

Curious to hear what arms others are using on their Lencos, and experiences they may have particularly with MC carts.

I currently have a Lenco L75 with custom plinth and 2 armboards (one with RB300), along with a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm.

Has anyone tried the Spacearm on the Lenco? Any feedback is much appreciated.

What other arms are people using, particularly with low output moving coils?

I would really like to try my van den Hul Condor on the Lenco for a real gauge of the table's performance. While I feel the RB300 is a good match on the table, it will not work well with the Condor.

Just curious of other people's experiences before I drill the other armboard for an A/B of the Spacearm/Condor on the Spacedeck vs. Lenco.

Am considering other arms (SME V, Graham Phantom or 2.2) so any experiences of these with the Lenco would be helpful.

Have also considered something like a Shelter 501 for the Rega arm. Any experiences with low output MCs, RB300, and the Lenco?
Mbort, the JMW is clearly superior to the SME III. The real surprise is how good that inexpensive wood arm is. I just wrecked (don't ask) a Soundsmith-retipped DL-103 on the JMW and am now using a Decca Super Gold Mk. VII on it. The DL-103, now back at Soundsmith, was more detailed and coherent, the Decca more dynamic and "authoritative." The SME III is currently sporting a Pickering TL-2S, one of my favorite carts, and there's a Grace F-9E on the wood arm. Not bad, but not as good as the Pickering, IMHO. Dave
I've heard Dopogue's system several times, and I can back up all of what he says. I liked his sound so much that I invested in a Nantais Lenco too. I use a Triplanar with Koetsu Urushi on my L75, and I am very pleased with the result. The combo blew away my previous Notts Hyperspace, for example. So you can see that though Dopogue and I use very different tonearms and cartridges, we are both pleased with the performance of the Lenco cum giant plinth, which goes to support what Mosin wrote. Usually, you should believe anything Mosin says about turntables.
Thanks everyone for all the info, this is very useful.

I am just going to go ahead and drill out the other armboard for the Spacearm and give it a try. Can't afford a new arm just yet - but it looks like the Lenco can handle some of the finest arms and carts available. I guess my concern, in the end, was that the arm and cart would far outclass the table.