Lenco owners - arm/cart discussion,suggestions?

Curious to hear what arms others are using on their Lencos, and experiences they may have particularly with MC carts.

I currently have a Lenco L75 with custom plinth and 2 armboards (one with RB300), along with a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm.

Has anyone tried the Spacearm on the Lenco? Any feedback is much appreciated.

What other arms are people using, particularly with low output moving coils?

I would really like to try my van den Hul Condor on the Lenco for a real gauge of the table's performance. While I feel the RB300 is a good match on the table, it will not work well with the Condor.

Just curious of other people's experiences before I drill the other armboard for an A/B of the Spacearm/Condor on the Spacedeck vs. Lenco.

Am considering other arms (SME V, Graham Phantom or 2.2) so any experiences of these with the Lenco would be helpful.

Have also considered something like a Shelter 501 for the Rega arm. Any experiences with low output MCs, RB300, and the Lenco?
Audiohifila, here's what I did with a Nantais-built table. Replaced Jean's
carriage bolts with Mapleshade Threaded Heavyfeet. Mapleshade has these
solid brass footers in stock with the same 3/8 x 16 thread size hangar bolts
already attached. Just screw them into the carriage bolt holes and enjoy the
improvement. Three of the Heavyfeet cost $120 (total) and are well worth it,
IMO. Dave
Lets just say "Dopogue" is da man
Very helpful individual who's has lot's of knowledge to share

Thanks Dave
Scompracer, I used the very same Triplanar on my Hyperspace that I now use on my Nantais/Lenco. To mount the Triplanar on the H'space, I needed to have Tom Fletcher (Nottingham Analog boss and mentor) make me a special platform that raised the tonearm base to an acceptable height.

As to the question about feet for the Nantais/Lenco, when I bought mine, Jean had some threaded brass cones that were made for his projects. I bought a set of 3 for some extra dough, $160, I think. I've no reason at all to believe they would be any better than the Mapleshade cones or any other solidly made cones, but having the threaded attachment to the plinth is nice for height adjustment.
Lew, I thought of using the threaded Heavyfeet for leveling the TT but then decided to screw them tightly against the plinth's underside and do the leveling elsewhere. Maybe nothing to worry about, but seeing that gap between the top of the Heavyfoot and bottom of the plinth bothered me :-) Dave