Lenco owners - arm/cart discussion,suggestions?

Curious to hear what arms others are using on their Lencos, and experiences they may have particularly with MC carts.

I currently have a Lenco L75 with custom plinth and 2 armboards (one with RB300), along with a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm.

Has anyone tried the Spacearm on the Lenco? Any feedback is much appreciated.

What other arms are people using, particularly with low output moving coils?

I would really like to try my van den Hul Condor on the Lenco for a real gauge of the table's performance. While I feel the RB300 is a good match on the table, it will not work well with the Condor.

Just curious of other people's experiences before I drill the other armboard for an A/B of the Spacearm/Condor on the Spacedeck vs. Lenco.

Am considering other arms (SME V, Graham Phantom or 2.2) so any experiences of these with the Lenco would be helpful.

Have also considered something like a Shelter 501 for the Rega arm. Any experiences with low output MCs, RB300, and the Lenco?
Mike, you can probably get away with an 18 x 24" platform IF the front-back distance between the bolt holes on your Lenco is sufficient (i.e., no more than about 16 1/2"). Dave

Thanks again for all the responses!

I swear that the Lenco is something else. I was able to get the armboard milled down such that VTA could be properly adjusted on the Spacearm. And with the Condor, it certainly seems that pace, frequency extension, and clarity are much improved over the Nottingham deck. I have not A/B'd back to the Spacedeck, BUT have listened to many albums that I know very well on two different integrateds (same tube configuration), and noticed the same differences on both setups...

Will definitely report more as I listen and become more familiar with this deck. But initial impressions after a week of listening - this Lenco is something else!
Interesting Choice Mbort

I really like the Nottingham tables.
I've just secured a lenco as well

Will read on with interest