Les Paul dead at 84 nt.

Les Paul Dead at 84
Amazing. A true giant. No one defined the sound of rock better than Les and Leo Fender. Their signature sounds influenced millions of aspiring musicians.
Les Paul was a great guitarist and inventor but he was also an excellent entertainer. I saw him several times during his weekly gig at Fat Tuesday's in NYC and was always blown away by his sparkling on-stage personality. I always felt that he was delighted to have an audience and that he felt compelled to give them all he had. I always left the club happier than when I went in, which, for me is a sure sign of a master at work.
Grinnel and Siliab , Good to hear a story like yours, anyone else?

A few years back Les phoned a a.m. radio station up here in Canada,
I believe 740 on the dial, the station plays Big Band and Jazz.
The station host announced he had Les Paul on the phone and that Les agreed to a on the spot interview.

Good solid hour plus talk of his life and times...
Never had the opportunity to see him live though I have a few of his Lps.