Less Is Really More - Schiit's New Yggdrasil DAC - Less Is More

So, over the past week I have been auditioning the new Schiit Yggdrasil Less Is More Variant DAC.  In my opinion it is a significant step up from the analog 2 version of the original yggy and should be on everyone’s list to audition if you in the market for a new dac. So what makes this DAC so special ?.  First, music originates from a deep space black background and has a smooth liquidity that is just incredible to hear.  I have never heard a black ground like this.  There is a clarity that gives the effect of lifting a thin veil off my speakers.  The highs are refined but not harsh whatsoever and you can listen to this dac hours on end and never get fatigued...something I can't say about other schiit dacs I have owned in the past.  Some reviewers have said that this version rolls off the highs, but to me  everything sounds just right.  All the music is there and seems natural.  It's just that the highs never get fatiguing...perhaps this is due to the roll off effect that others have talked about.  To me, this dac sounds very evenly balanced throughout the frequency spectrum with nothing emphasized more than others.  The Timbre on this dac is the most realistic I have heard...bar none.  Piano, snare drums and cymbals just sound so real.  The bass is very detailed with great texture.  It may not have as much bass slam or bloom as the original yggy or an ESS Sabre dac but this definitely has more detail and texture.  The separation of instruments, depth and layering is incredibly realistic as well.  During complex passages I have never detected any congestion whatsoever.   Schiit dacs have a reputation for long warmup times but this less is more version only took about a day to come alive and I have not detected any other changes since.  Like all schiit dacs, you still need to leave this unit on 24/7.  If you are in the market or considering a change you should put this on your list to audition.  Schiit hit a home run with this DAC in my opinion and mine will be staying.  Note, I have no affiliation with Schiit nor am I a reviewer...just posting my experiences which are based on listening in my system.  YMMV.


Just a comment related to the LTA MZ, I am currently using mine as a 1wpc integrated to power some Cornwall IV’s.  I’m sure there are better combinations, but this one sounds incredible at low to moderate volume levels.

R2R dacs come in all qualities also ,I have been in a great position to not only have owned a Audio store but have multi state audio clubs  in New England and have heard digital up to almost $50 k . The Denafrips Terminator2 the best dac under $4500 without Any reservations.

the new Schitt is not in that league ,but is very respectable and depending on taste 

and how well it matches your audio system is a good match for the Pontus2 dac 

the $3k Pegasus dac is very good and a verygood bargain at its price point.

I also own the Less is More YGGY and your assessment is right on!

Enjoy the new YGGY!

If you want to spend $3k or more and think it is a big improvement be my guest…you are wasting your money, IMO.

I have compared the top DACs on top of the line STAX headphones that are more revealing of quality then speakers.

Listening in your own home, long term, is better than listening through speakers, that may not be properly setup to your taste, in a store.


With respect and, having once believed that Stax electrostatic headphones were the utopian hifi answer, I have subsequently found a higher level of musical palpability, presence and entertainment from a loudspeaker based system. Having auditioned 6 DAC's in my system, there is no question that a high-end DAC that has synergy with the existing hifi hardware, delivers significantly more entertainment value than headphones for me.

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I have a Bifrost 2 and just ordered the upgrade thing. Weeks...gotta wait weeks...