LessLoss DFPC versus LessLoss BTB

I see that there are many reviews on the LessLoss DFPC because of a substantial discount offered in exchange for a buyer review of the cable, but there are few reviews yet on the LessLoss BTB.

I missed the original discount offer as I have been on long term overseas travel, and now that I am ready to catch up with the show, LessLoss has introduced the BTB, which is claimed to do 95% of what the DFPC does at a lower price.

Anyone actually heard both like to share his impression ?
I know that this is not a direct answer to your question but you might consider the Tel-Wire power cord as an alternative to the LessLoss. It comes with the new Oyaide 004 beryllium plugs and some trustworthy ears like it better than the LessLoss. Unfortunately, the $399 sale just ended last week, but it is still a great value at $599. One other advantage of the Tel-Wire is the 30 day money-back trial - I don't believe that the Lessloss has that.

Thanks for the suggestion.

In fact, I more than welcome alternative suggestions. The Lessloss is a great buy at the introductory discount offer of $250, but at the upcoming price point of $750 there are more options.

I also vaguely remember reading some unsolicitated comment that mirco details and resolution are somewhat compromised with these cords.
What about virtual dynamics nite platinum , this is on special at the moment at a little over half price ? All conductors are entirely seperated.