LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers

I just read the 6 moons review of the LessLoss firewall for Loudspeakers, interested if anyone has tried it yet and what is your opinion. 

I have 70-75 hours on them so far and for me they are well worth the money for the added musicality they bring. YMMV

I agree, after having mine for 2 weeks I am still impressed. 

Definitely has improved my system and more importantly my enjoyment. I have noticed that I have been playing more whole albums since installing them.
Holy Megahertz!

These babes are well nigh miraculous, right out of the bag! I attached them to my Magic A3's, which do not have a reputation for lacking resolution or clarity. But with these devices attached, the proverbial window was wiped clean, soundstage expanded exponentially and piano and female vocals, which I use to audition equipment, never sounded so real.
I am generally skeptical of add-on devises like this, but had owned several LessLoss PC's and think Louis Motek is an original. Cannot speak to others' experiences, but I am mightily impressed. Best $1600 I have spent in a long undistinguished audio career.
Well I'm going to try the Lessloss firewall for loudspeakers again. But this time with my DIY speaker cables. These cables are made with 12ga .999 soft solid silver wire that is sleeved into a high quality PTFE tubing.
And I'm gonna let them play for a couple hundred hours.

I doubt it will take very long for you to hear the difference and the improvement. Good luck.