LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers

I just read the 6 moons review of the LessLoss firewall for Loudspeakers, interested if anyone has tried it yet and what is your opinion. 

Hi @ozzy after your comment a few weeks back I listened to see if I could here this and I don’t think they are.

The increased clarity and separation in my system is quite significant, I am still totally amazed at the difference to my system.
So when I use my DIY speaker cable the Lessloss units seem to work ok. But when I use my Cerious Matrix speaker cables I do think the upper frequencies are slightly subdued.
I can tell that the midrange is more pronounced and it does make vocals much more enjoyable.

I'm gonna continue trying these out as long as I can before making a decision.

NO softening on HF on my Magico A3's. What I find most stunning about these devices is the 3D expansion of the soundstage way beyond the speakers. Where'd they go? Neal