LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers

I just read the 6 moons review of the LessLoss firewall for Loudspeakers, interested if anyone has tried it yet and what is your opinion. 

NO softening on HF on my Magico A3's. What I find most stunning about these devices is the 3D expansion of the soundstage way beyond the speakers. Where'd they go? Neal

Well  after using the LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers for about a week now I just removed them. 

And again, I think I like the sound better without them. To me, they color the sound somewhat and remove some of the dynamics or rawness that is in the recording.

I do appreciate the fact that I have been able to try these (2 times in fact) but they just don't add anything positive to my system.



As we used to say in The Bronx when I was growing up: De gustibus non est disputandum! Neal
That's great, I had to google the phrase but I totally agree.

It's good that this topic stayed civil and was just peoples opinions on using the product.
I must say Constantine was excellent to work with.
You never will know if it provides magic like some of you have experienced until you try them.