Let me know your choice please

I currently have a Naim 5i integrated (with a passive front end) and would like to replace it with something "similar" - i.e....
- integrated - solid state
- 3-4 line level inputs - type: phono and/or XLR
- 50 to 100 watts (real watts)
- no onboard DAC/digital or phono required (just an amp)
- unit must not get too warm e.g. the NAIM runs at room temp
- much match or exceed the NAIM capabilities i.e. Bass control, dynamics, imaging, clarity
- must be available in Canada
- my snack bracket is in the region of $2500-$3500 cdn

Currently considering Simaudio Moon 250i and Musical Fidelity M3si/M5si products
- any feedback on these two brands/models would be helpful

Discounted Bryston - from what I have read they are a little too clinical and they are the more expensive option

Anyone know anything about Analogue Audio gear?

Driving: Gershman Sonogram speakers - sensitivity 89 dB @ 1w/1m, an Impedance of 6 ohms

Many Thanks in advance
MF is great.  I am a dealer of it and they are a strong value.  It is made in Taiwan so you are getting pricing associated with production in China with quality English Design.  They are great sounding and are just a touch forward vs. neutral.  Exactly what you would expect from a class AB Integrated.  DAC is decent.  Phono stage is better than what you would expect.  

The M3, M5 & M6 integrateds are similar in sound profile and ability to replicate detail.  The biggest difference is power output, size of transformers and chassis.  The build quality is impressive.  The remotes are kind of sad and are cheap plastic.  

I have demo'd several Simaudio amps.  They are great.  Sound quality is exceptional.  Can't go wrong with it even driving more forward speakers like B&Ws.  

I am not sure if I would say Bryston's are "too clinical." That usually means so forward it is inching toward bright.  I have listened to them driving a range of speakers and my POV is it is probably the most neutral between the three of these.  Are they significantly better than MF or Simaudio?  Not sure I would say that, they are just a little different.  

Which one is best?  Couldn't answer that.  These are three pretty excellent choices.  I know this is probably not that helpful and you would like to hear these two stink and this one is great.

I have never heard analogue audio and have no POV.  
Bryston cube series amps are really smooth and natural sounding imo. You can also look at used Hegel integrated amps. Simaudio is a good choice, i think they cost more than Bryston for smilarly priced amps. Cannot go wrong with either imo. 
Lots of information, but what sonic characteristics are most important to you and what exactly are you looking to improve upon over what you have now?