Let's forget about being politically correct

I thought this would catch the attention of some of you. I have for the past 10 years used a SS amp and tube preamp. This was the prevailing wisdom with alot of audiophiles in the 90's and even today. I am look for a change in my amp/preamp, who out there is using a tube amp with a ss pre? How does it sound? What combinations have you tried?
Unsound: silence is not an "it"

Sean: my head hurts this morning too...On "will depend on perspective". 6ch, while saying that there are many answers says there is One; yes, there are infinite ways to the top of the mountain, but same view for everyone when you get there/ realize you are there.

Suburu: thanks for the laugh!

Nealhood: hello, I don't think I've seen you before. So, its the "indirect" part of any connectivity that really gets to you? And so, we need - well, a few "others" need this, of course, not yourself - need an editor, as in, someone to control the others, limit their dialogue?

Yes, yes, when we don't like what is said, we want someone, usually a patriarchical daddy to stop what we hear, make the others conform to "direct" connectivity, to only what we want to hear.


There are plenty of threads to go around without calls for content censorship. I think your last sentence is most operative towards that sentiment.

Shubert: You are about six months behind. If I can find the info, I will let you know. BTW, its not a small thing in academic circles, quite significant. Actually, I even think NOVA did a special on it last week on PBS. I'll look around when I get the time (busy today)
Unsound: Welcome to the "club". Glad to see that i'm not the only "knucklhead". At least you don't make it as obvious or as often as i do : ) Sean
Sean, i have been gone a few days and have missed many posts. I enjoyed your 4/11 post. I have always thought you to give an honest opinion as you see it. I believe as you that we have more in common because of our love of music. I think your people skills are just fine. I could take a few lessons from you. You are correct that we both share the same passions. How come you didn't invite for a drink?

Asa, I have really enjoyed you posts. Some go a bit over my head at times but i guess that is to be expected. You and Rcrump have added much to this thread. Thanks to both of you.

Albertporter, you made me hurt something from laughing so hard. Agree or disagree I have enjoyed this thread and all who contributed very much. But Sean did hurt my feelings not inviting me for a drink.