Let's see your office systems

Just set mine up in the virtual systems. I don't see too much info about office systems. Curious what others are doing. This replaced a pretty decent Cambridge soundbase all in one. 



It's exhausting to keep loading pics but if you want to do it, fine.

@carlsbad I thought that was a Decware as soon as your picture came up. They're on my bucket list. Nice looking offices, and systems gentlemen. I'm thinking of getting a remote SVS sub next. Probably that newer 10"(?) model. 

Office furniture sure changes things as far as placement. The all in ones can be compelling. I'm quite smitten with these Parasound Z series amps. 


Sansui CA 2000 preamp

Sansui BA 2000 power amp

ADS L910 speakers, yeah rather large for near field but those ADS domed midrange drivers spread the sound field out surprisingly well. its like having L910's as headphones. haha 

Schiit DAC fed from computer. 

Desktop System

Yamaha WXA-50 (optical in from PC/Roon)

Totem Dreamcatchers on ISOAcoustics stands

Kimber TC8 speaker wire

Velodyne Impact Mini sub

I also just installed one of the newly announced iFi LAN isolator to the back of the Yamaha

Sorry for the mess I should have picked up!!!