Let's see your office systems

Just set mine up in the virtual systems. I don't see too much info about office systems. Curious what others are doing. This replaced a pretty decent Cambridge soundbase all in one. 



The output from my PC to a 1990’s Sony receiver to some Yamaha 2 way speakers. Qobuz and a NAS full of albums.  What more can anyone ask for?

ProAc Response 1SC’s
Gustard X26 Pro DAC
Willsenton R800i SET integrated amp (just blew a 300B, so my R8 is in there now)
Bluesound Node 3 w/ Teddy Pardo LPS
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 SE transport

Near/midfield set up

My brain considers this system "perfect" because I have no need or reason to upgrade anything.

Allison CD8s pushed against the wall, supported by SVS sb2000 sub I don't really need and forget to turn on sometimes, fed by an old Carver CD changer, an old Tascam DAT, an RPi Digione running Volumio, run through a Cyenne DAC and powered by a Creek evo100. Sitting in a cheapo Monoprice rack.  Sometimes I swap speakers to an old set of Shahinian Lyres that are otherwise stacked in the next room, on low stands a foot out from wall. I have a Denon 47f in the closet w records in that room too, but ran out of shelf space for it.

Oppo 105D >>Schitt  Freya  + preamp>> Chord Etude amp>>Revel 126BE speakers

A great diminutively sized, budget setup:   It’s so much fun to listen to! 

Gallo A’Diva Ti + Gallo Tr3 Subwoofer + Denon PMA 600NE integrated amp