Let's see your office systems

Just set mine up in the virtual systems. I don't see too much info about office systems. Curious what others are doing. This replaced a pretty decent Cambridge soundbase all in one. 



It’s a great sounding amp at a great price, but has high gain and can be difficult to match with speakers and preamp. There are a few threads about this, including a current one. They were originally released at $1299, and at that price a long time TAS recommended amp, then closed out at $499, usually $350 - $400 used now. Often a great match with a passive pre, and my Freya S is adjustable and can be used active or passive with a few gain settings. Both my speakers are about 84db sensitivity...I had owned and sold a few before, always liked them...but in this system it is an outstanding amp at a great price and a definite keeper...and it's small and runs cool, so great for office/desktop...

I have a Saga pre (with a unicorn Raytheon backplate) and saw the STA when they were at about $450. Still think it'd be a killer combo.

Darn shame about JOB, a lot to love about that Goldmund off-shoot. I was looking hard at their integrated when they closed down. 

Luxman L507ux MkII driving Dynaudio Heritage Specials (+ Rel T9x) and Harbeth P3ESR XD (+ Rel T5x). Sources include Metronome LePlayer CD Player, Innuos Zen Mini + LPSU, Chord Qutest, 2 x Silent Angel Bonn N8 & LPSU.

Am about to add a PS Audio Perfect Wav SACD player and Holo Audio May DAC. Hope there is an audible improvement 🤞