Let's talk power cords

Does a upgrade really make a difference over a stock cord?
Having Ralph call someone a troll is like Mother Theresa uttering an F bomb.
At least in my honest opinion...
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Hi guys
I was not a believer until I tried a cheap and "as short as possible" DIY cable.
It made a notorious difference most of all in the DAC, I guess it should be that way because it works with the small signals.
It was really easy to make. The only "special" ingredient was a cable that I bought to my regular electric supplier, one it has 3 cables (positive, neutral and ground) protected by a electromagnetic isolation composed by an aluminum paper cover plus a metallic wired tube shaped cover plus the classic rubber black external protector.
The IEC plug and the plug for the wall were standard ones, being the IEC plug not the best quality at all!!
Well, that simple cable cost me about 5 dollars and 30 minutes to make it, Im not handy on electrician tasks. :-)  
It really made a difference.
I could not believe it, but it was true.
If I did it, anyone can do it and try it, at almost no cost.
So theres no excuse for the skeptics not to try it and keep on talking.
All you need is a nice system, good source, ears used to listen hifi systems and some time. 
It will be the cheapest upgrade ever!!
@atmosphere-thinking more about the diode effect analogous to a fuzz pedal, what if the effect was much more subtle than a fuzz pedal yet still perceptible to the human auditory system?  Possible? Could it be measured, and if not with current technology, still be audible?  This is the part that I find truly fascinating: that we may be able to hear very subtle differences that we have yet to measure accurately enough or even account for.
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