Let the best be your guide

All of us have had to come to grips with bad sounding recordings. They can be disabling and make you question your whole system. The trick is to accept them for what they are and not to generalize. I try to listen for the music and skim over the imperfections. When confronted with a clinker, to save my sanity, I play a recording i know to be superior sounding. That restores my faith  in the system and brings me back to reality.




Many Classical recordings from the first few decades of stereo were mixed with following assumptions in mind:

1) Listeners would be using AM Radios 

2) If using a Hi Fi system, speakers would be bookshelf models, in small rooms, with very limited bass potential 

 3) Vinyl would be the source, and dynamic range, particularly bass, needed constriction due to groove spacing issues.


  It was interesting to see the return of intentionally bad mastering reoccur in the 21st century, as the assumption was that listeners would be using iPods with free earbuds


I just posted to your records and CDs thread

This one is connected and so relevant to my day.  I upgraded speakers a few days ago.  My previous were so consistent where most everything sounded good.  My new ones are much more revealing.  Some albums blow me away and some piss me off that I have listened to 100 times and now can't stand.  I am at a crossroads where I am not sure if I can accept these lesser recordings to relish in the others.  Damn this audiophile curse lol

I agree with you dhite71. I bought some new speakers also and most of recordings have revealed new sounds and things like artists talking in the background that wasn't relevant before. 95% of the recordings are better but the rest isn't up to my liking. Sure there are better speakers out there but $4200 is enough spent in my world without breaking the bank.