Level the floor

We've just moved.  The audio playpen is the basement, which has an issue I haven't dealt with before: uneven floor.  Left-right is level, but front to back there's a steep slope.  At a distance of 18 inches, the slope is about one inch.

I figure others have dealt with this enough that there's "a way" (or an eternal argument...).  Educate me?

Available equipment would be fine; surprise uses of stuff would be terrific.



I had no idea that custom-size hunks of granite were cheap, and/or subject to such fine specs.  See, this (and others) are just the info I came in without.

Thanks, all.


A slope of 1 inch every 18 inches?  Across the whole length of the room?  How is your house still standing? 

Make some pads.. Screw four 2x4's together and make a box the size you want. Coat the insides with Crisco. Mix some self leveling concrete Fill to the thickness you prefer. Easy

When I was a kid our basement floor shifted (bentonite clay). A contractor came in and fixed it, I think a combination of mud-jacking, and a leveling concrete thin layer. Ours was pretty dramatic, I only mention it because there are contractors out there that specialize...

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