Levinson 23.5 - I think I need a new toy.

Being a die-hard tube guy, I haven't used a ss amp in my main system for many years; except a brief stint with Meitner 101's which are now in a weekend home system. A friend wants to sell his Levinson 23.5 for what seems like a very very good price (cheap!). It is in terrific shape, hasn't been used nor abused much, and is one of the few ss amps that really picqued by interest (based on reviews) back when I was still on the fence re the tubes vs ss thing. I figure, what the hell; I can always sell it if I can't stand the ss-itis. It would be powering one of two sets of speakers; either Paragon Regents (easy load transmission line), or Stax electrostats (brutal load).

I welcome any thoughts re this amp. Reliability, desirability, resale, sonic experiences, etc. Thanks.
If you liked the early Rowland design I think you would like the sound of the Levinson, it is closer in tonal balance to the Rowland sound than any Krells I can recall. It, along with the 20.6 and the old ML2, are the best of the Levinson designs, in my view. I'd suggest you try it in your system, though--I think you'll find it more open spacially than the Meitners, not as closed-in or dark sounding. I still think you'll find something missing that you only get from tubes.
Well, fair enough. The Levinson does have its fans as evidenced here, as far as being as good as today's amps, I disagree. I would say the same about the old Krells.
At the time, the 23.5 seemed like a perfect match for Maggie 3's, and probably would still be spectacular with the new ones.
I stand by my earlier comments. I have demo'd the 23.5 vs some of the top new amps made today, and it is still one of the best out there. Also, it was never cheap to get a high end amp repaired. But, as long as the parts are around, a good technician will work wonders. The hard part is getting the schematic. Many competent technicians can reverse engineer a circuit. It takes time, but..