Levinson 585 and MQA

Hello everyone,
First time poster so I hope I get this right. I have a Mark Levinson 585 along with a Lumin D2. Right now I'm streaming on Tidal but their Hi Res files are MQA. No problem for the Lumin but not the Levinson. I called Mark Levinson's costumer service and they said that it won't play MQAs and they no upgrades to do so. I do prefer the Saber DAC in the Levinson over the Wolfson in the Lumin. Has anyone tried Qubuz ( hi res files ) with a Levinson 585? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and have a great new year.

I also have a 585 and subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz.  I use an Aurender N10, so I can perform the first level of MQA unfold with the N10.  With this setup, I found I generally preferred the Qobuz hires versions to Tidal MQA, although the differences were generally small. So Qobuz hires is certainly a very good choice.  One note, however - I recently added a dCS Bartók between my Aurender N10 and the 585, so I am no longer using the 585’s DAC.  As you would expect, it’s a significant increase in performance.  But the dCS MQA implementation is really excellent, and I now find I am generally preferring the Tidal MQA versions to the Qobuz PCM hires versions.
No experience with the 585, but I will say I much prefer Qobuz hi res over Tidal MQA.