Levinson No.30,Audiomeca Mephisto, EMC or other

Hi, I'm going to update my cd transport to a No30 or go with a single box unit.I currently use a McCormack SST-1 & Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transports, Genesis digital lens,Camelot Uther DAC (which I'm going to have Mel update to 24/192) and Camelot Morganna 24/96 player.I heard a Mephisto transport & Dodson dac and it sounded great. I prefer a top loader transport or player. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Don
Don first let me state that I am a dealer in case there is any bias unintended on my part. We have done 3 shootouts in our showroom using all the top one box players and I carry Camelot. The shootout we did was with the old Uther not the new 24/192 so I cannot speak to it although Camelot always does a fabulous job on digital.

I will not name all the different players we used and or combinations because there were alot. Just the result not in my opinion but customers.

The three favorite one box players were the Electrocompaniet EMC1 with 24/192 upgrade. Also a new upgrade is soon coming I have my player having it done now.
Expensive but they say stunning! We will see estimated costs $1500.

The Audio Aero the $6600 version. We have not heard the new $8800 version. The EMC1 and Audio Aero have alot in common sonically or did. I do not carry this unit.

And my personal favorite the Mephisto 2. The EMC 1 and the Audio Aero are more dynamic than the Mephisto 2. The EMC 1 has the best bottom end control. The Mephisto is the more refined, delicate sounding player. All these players and actually all the $5000 and up players that we have heard have been very good. Also all three players mentioned are top load.

Good luck. And I cannot tell you how the Uther with 24/192 upgrade will be in comparison. My guess once you are dealing with digital of this quality it is all a matter of flavor. Digital has really gotten that good. It has been a long road but I believe that most Audiophile's should be very pleased with the CD players on the market today.
S.O.S. Can you give any more info on the emc-1 upgrade? Will the dealers do it and what does it consist of? Just bought a emc-1 24-96. Would it be $1500.00 for the 24-96 players also?
I currently own a Mephisto and I love it! Very musical. When the mood strikes I will no doubt upgrade to a Mephisto II. There are a few of both the I and II model available on Audiogon right now - the I is a steal at $1000!
Thanks Stewart (S.O.S.) & Esoxhntr, also I meant to say Levinson No.31 transport. Don