Levinson owners, what cables are u using?

I trying to find out what cables Levinson owners feel best match this equipment. Interconnects, digital i/c's, speaker & power cable?


Audioquest Lapis and Diamond. I recommend the Lapis X3. I do not have any experience with AQs newer line. As for digital the Audioquest Falcon AES/EBU has been my favorite. I've compared it to the Cardas and Orchid.
Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway II interconnects
and Alphacore Goertz MI2 speaker cables
With my ML 37, Chord DAC 64, ML 380S, and my Talon Audio speakers, I use Analysis Plus. Oval Video from the aes/ebu on the 37 to the DAC, Copper Oval balanced to the 380S, and Copper Oval balanced to the amp. I also use Silver Oval from my phono pre-amp to the 380S, and use AP Power Ovals throughout. Silver Oval speaker chords from the amp to the Talons.