Lexicon BD-30 universal player

I saw an interesting review of the new Lexicon BD-30 universal player and the reviewer mentioned that he bought the oppo se to compare the lexicon to. His verdict is that the lexicon was better built, better picture and much quieter in operation. The msrp is $3500. Has anyone else had the opportunity to compare these? I understand a price difference between the two is significant but was just wondering if it would be worth that difference?
Look forward to opinions and ideas. Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
I read that too. The following link shows the inside with pictures of the BD-30 and the Oppo and they are identical. This is sick if it is true.

Dlcockrum wrote:
Hey Kal,

It would be great to include the NuForce modded version as well - may be the best of the bunch!
Too late. Gone to press. NuForce never responded to my request.


I read the review and that is really unbelievable. If this is true it is a big black eye for Lexicon and I think not good for the high end HT industry. I know Ayre and Theta are also building off of the Oppo BD-83. Ayre has done this with its CD players but they completely gut just about everything except the transport. I own Ayre equipment and their performance is stellar. I suspect we will not see the same from Ayre and Theta.
According to the Audioholics review "We fully disclosed our findings to Lexicon prior to publishing this article and they still maintain their player has audio and video enhancements over the stock BDP-83".

But there are no details as to what these might be. I suppose the Lexicon splash screen and menu item reordering could, as a big stretch, be called video enhancements, but what would be the audio enhancements?