Lexicon MC-1, Classe SSP-50 or Krell HTS

I am looking to purchase a used processor for around 2000, my research has led me to these 3 processors, which are all good choices, I am just asking the experts which they like better. My current set up is the Sony Progressive Scan DVD player, Revel Front speakers, B&W front and surround speakers powered by 2 Classe 150, and a Classe CAV-150. Thanks for all your insight!
Hey Mat, we're looking in the same neighborhood. If you are talking MC1 with the 7.1 software<< It's a couple of zip codes away --as in 2500 to 3000. The Krells are even more / If my memory still works. I guess I'm lookng for giant killer / with most of the features/ for cheap.Although, I'm willing to have fewer features as a compromise, with better sound.WHAT'S out there??
Is music important? I don't think the Lexicon (I think news it is around 5k) will give you the sound quality your equipment can put out. The Classe would probably be a good match for your amps. I'd also look at the B&K Ref-30 (2700), and right now some stores are posting close-out deals on the Aragon Soundstage (line is getting a make-over for next year). I own the Proceed AVP, but its about 5k new so not sure if you're willing to spend this much. Check out Integra Research also--for anyone looking at home theater processors this is a must.
I am looking at these Processors for their two channel audio as well as their HT performance, since this will be my only preamp. thoughts about this?
B & K is competetive with Lexicon. Maybe a Ref. 25 or 30 would be a good alternative.