Lexicon MC-1, Classe SSP-50 or Krell HTS

I am looking to purchase a used processor for around 2000, my research has led me to these 3 processors, which are all good choices, I am just asking the experts which they like better. My current set up is the Sony Progressive Scan DVD player, Revel Front speakers, B&W front and surround speakers powered by 2 Classe 150, and a Classe CAV-150. Thanks for all your insight!
Hi,Mat. You must have gotten/ seen the better prices elsewhere. I have a CAT3 so 2ch. is of no importance to me. As in we all have different needs.

Argent; Those Integra's don't come up used, to often. The last one I remember seeing was in my early stages of looking. --Say about 4 weeks ago. Like the least expensive processor to get AAA rating at SGHT. This does impress me.-- But, because we each have different priorities ,it makes things more complicated.
If you like your Classe amplification, I suggest you give the Classe processor a serious look. If you can find the SSP50 for $2k, you've found a real steal. The HTS will be closer to $3k. The Classe SSP30 might be worth a look, at around $2k used. Good luck.
If you are sold on one of these three processors because of the price, I would have to recommend them in this order: Krell, Classe, and Lexicon last. One other processor you might try, as it is used for around $2700 is the Bryston SP-1. Arguably one of the best for 2ch music. Good luck.
A couple of years ago, I was in the market for a processor under $10K. I considered the Theta Casablanca with superior cards option, Proceed PAV and surround piece (sorry I forgot the name of it), Proceed AVP, both Krell units, the Lexicon DC-1, EAD Signature, and the Classe' SSP-50. I spent months comparing the units' features and auditioning as many as I could. I was mostly interested in sound quality; I wanted a zero compromise "audiophile"-grade 2-channel pre with the ability to produce top notch DD and DTS performance. In the end, I chose the SSP-50. The only thing that seemed to come close was the EAD Signature (followed by the SSP-25 which I auditioned after my selection) but at that time, the EAD had some glitches. Surround performance was similar among the processors, however the Classe' stood out as the best 2-ch pre I've ever heard -IMHO.

There are some drawbacks with the '50; while it has top-notch audio performance, its video performance is by far the worst! I have a 10yr old Pioneer receiver with much better video performance! Luckily, my Sony XBR TV has enough inputs to accommodate my video sources - otherwise I would rate the Classe's video performance as unacceptable.
(Video sources should be plugged directly into the TV or monitor for best performance, anyway)

If audio performance is all you're looking for, by all means, give the SSP50 an audition (if possible). If you plan on using the pre as a video switcher, it may be wise to make another selection.

At only $2K!?!?!?!?!?!!!!, you can't go wrong with any of your $6500 MSRP choices!
Good luck.
Thanks Argonaut,
Actually I can get the SSP-50 for 1850, and I also have a Sony XBR 36". So I will plug my video sources directly into my TV. I have a few other options, that I have also been looking at but, can't quite get that good of a price on these units, B&K ref 30 for 1795, Integra Research RD-7 for 2200, Proceed AVP for 2300, Proceed PAVw/DAP for 3250, Bryston SP-1 for 2500, Classe SSP-50 for 1850, Krell HTS fro 2225, Lexicon MC-1 2000, and finally the Parasound 2500u for 1950. These were the ones that I looked at and narrowed it down to the Classe, Lexicon, and Krell. I have recently found alot of info saying the Lexicon is a great HT performer but doesn't do well with 2 channel audio. So now my top choices are Classe, Krell, and the B&K ref 30 or the Integra research.