Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies

Has anyone else had a power supply die in their Lexicon MC-1, or DC-1 or 2?

It's happened to me twice now. They use what appears to me to be a pretty cheap switching power supply. Lexicon won't service these units for less than $600 (though for that they do a complete refurb). I had my DC-1 repaired a couple of years ago by local reputable shop and it cost $200.

I love the units for home theater. They sound great and are very user friendly for setup and control, but wonder about the reliability.

Am I just unlucky?
received and installed the new ps from pyramid audio. worked perfectly. the display is brighter and looks better. interestingly, the unit seems to sound a whole lot better. much more open. tighter bass. and a huge improvement in the high frequency extension. wow! wish i'd done this while ago. totally forgot how good this unit can sound. highly recommended even if you ps hasn't died yet. i failed to figure out how to remove the old ps without bending the side panel. simply bent it back. looks the same. plan to keep mc-1 for a while now!
Bringing up old post cause I now have the same problem, except that my DC-2 also gave off strong burnt electric fumes. Does this still mean the power supply? I have put together several pc's so replacing it seems within my capabilities.
I found the power supply on Mouser.com for $51. It was a newer model than used originally in the MC-1, but the electrical output specs are the same. Works great!

are you using this ps for a MC-1 or a DC-something?

I'm wondering if I can use a new PS I bought from Pyramid to fix my DC-1 in a MC-1 that has a PS thats out.

Or buy this mouser PS for the broken MC-1.

thoughts or info?
Just joined the ranks (again) of a blown PS on a MC1. HINT --- LEAVE THEM ON STANDBY AND NEVER EVER UNPLUG THEM for as long as you can. The cold start is what kills them - but I am sure people have figures this out.

My first issue was repaired in Singapore and I have no idea what they did. Now, 5 yrs later. It has died again.

There is an earlier comment that installing the new PS (from Mouser or Lexicon) is like putting in a new HD. I read that to mean plug and play.

Can anyone confirm that? e.g. no soldering etc.?