Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies

Has anyone else had a power supply die in their Lexicon MC-1, or DC-1 or 2?

It's happened to me twice now. They use what appears to me to be a pretty cheap switching power supply. Lexicon won't service these units for less than $600 (though for that they do a complete refurb). I had my DC-1 repaired a couple of years ago by local reputable shop and it cost $200.

I love the units for home theater. They sound great and are very user friendly for setup and control, but wonder about the reliability.

Am I just unlucky?
Thanks Bdgregory. Since the fuse must be internal, I'm procuring a new Power Supply before tearing apart the whole HT setup to extract the Lexicon. (A chore I surely relish..)
I took Allhaildawg's link and purchased the power supply from Mouser. Put it in the MC-1 and now we're up and running! Thank you Audiogon guys!!!!
I just have to echo the comments above and say that this is still a relevant thread. Severe thunderstorms are frequent here in middle TN and a recent one tripped my line conditioner and shut off my DC-1. It was several hours before I got home and attempted to power it up -- no dice. Taking the advice above, I ordered a new PS from Mouser and I'm back up and running. Installation couldn't be much easier, just a few screws and a couple ribbon connectors. Thanks gents!
Anyone care to say how they removed power supply without bending side panel? I am preparing to do this only as a last resort.
Answered my own question. There are access holes for each screw so really quite easy.