Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies

Has anyone else had a power supply die in their Lexicon MC-1, or DC-1 or 2?

It's happened to me twice now. They use what appears to me to be a pretty cheap switching power supply. Lexicon won't service these units for less than $600 (though for that they do a complete refurb). I had my DC-1 repaired a couple of years ago by local reputable shop and it cost $200.

I love the units for home theater. They sound great and are very user friendly for setup and control, but wonder about the reliability.

Am I just unlucky?
Hi there. Have a dead MC 8 here. 
Anyone know if there is a fuse?
Maybe on the ps board which I cant see unless removed which apparently needs an angular Philip's which I do not have.
Thank you.
What did you find on your MC-8? I'm looking for a Power Supply for mine, the symptoms are different than yours, it continually goes into diagnostic mode, so it must be thinking it is being powered on over and over. 
Easy to replace, I just have to find one, no luck so far.  

Mouser discontinued the DC 1 power supply production. If anybody needs a replacement board, it can be had from 


It was $70 plus shipping. If anyone is looking for a Lexicon power supply, I would check there first.

Re: MC-1

My system has developed 60hz hum. I have traced it back to my MC-1.  Can I correct this with a power supply replacement?

The hum is present with no inputs connected to the MC-1; disconnect the interconnects to the power amps and hum is gone. Tried different interconnects but hum remains. 

I have tried HUM X but hum remains  

FYI Pyramid doesn’t sell parts; Mouser doesn’t have the power supplies  

suggestions are appreciated