Lexicon mc-1 or Proceed avp??

I am interested in home theatre and audio rougly 75% home theatre and 25% 2 channel However when i do listen to some dvd's very often i am watching Musical cd's such as concerts recorded on dvd ie; fleetwood mac, metallica, hell freezes over etc..... Any opinions would be appreciated especially if anyone as "a,b'd" them
The Proceed line would be the clear winner against the DC-1. (I am a former DC-1 owner) But with the MC-1, Lexicon takes it. (I now own a MC-1). Lexicon still won't appeal to the 2-channel analog crowd, but those guys don't watch DVDs anyway. If you primarily want a home theater, the MC-1 is great.
I'd go a step further and say that the MC-1 is great for both HT and 2-channel music if you value ease-of-use and convenience as well as excellent sound. Undoubtedly you can do better setting up a dedicated two-channel system, but the MC-1 is an excellent centerpiece to a system.
I agree the proceed is better for 2 ch, but the mc-1 is the ht winner. I have the dc-1, but looking to buy a bat vk30 for the 2 ch mode. best of both worlds.

I have owned proceed, lex DC-1 and MC-1. The MC-1 is the way to fly. Proceed is well built, but lackluster in 7 channel processing.