lexicon mc-8 vs integra dtr-30.2


So i have two scenarios and cant decide which to go with. maybe you guys can help me out.

my situation: I listen to music about 80-90% and the other 10-20% for movies. I I have b&w cm-5's for my fronts, energy cb-5's for my back, b&w cc6 center speaker. my wires Im still shopping around but im considering blue jeans or mit cables.

scenario 1: i can get a lexicon mc-8 for around 350-360. This would mean i would have to get either a really good 2 channel amp and a so so 3 channel amp. or i would have to get a pretty good 5 channel amp. im undecided on that. depends on what i find.

scenario 2: i can get a integra dtr-30.2 for 325$ receiver 100 X 5 watts. the lowest good receiver with pre-outs. If i got this, then i would use the receiver for my center and backs. i would just connect a pretty good 2 channel amp to this receiver for front speakers.

So ideally, i guess the question would be which scenario would mean better sound. i know most would say its similar but i want to ask the audiophiles. I like MIT cables because of the 5 poles in avt 1's for example. I would like to pick a scenario that would mean a bigger image, depth, soundstage, warm but not muddy, unmuddy bass. (sound amazing even at low volume), etc. I use the backs just as fillers. I listen to 2 channel sometimes but also 5 channel music many times as well.

(i use no subwoofer)

Either scenarios should not be emphasized on the amps because on either options, my amp budget around still be around 500 used.

thank you for the help

(also even if you decide to explain something or alternatives, at the end pick one scenario out of the two i listed to make it easier for me. thanks)
Lexicon is a solid sounding pre for music and movies both. Its extremely flexible with tons of adjustments, I have 1 in my home. Cant speak to Integra but a good outboard amp will have you in good shape, ofcourse you know its pre HDMI.