Lexicon RT-10

A while back I purchased one of these units to use as a CD/SACD player. It did not come with a remote, and the previous owner used it as a dvd player. From my understanding the only way to switch the outputs from the HDMI to RCA is from the remote using an on-screen menu on my tv. I've searched the interwebs for a Lexicon remote for months, and have contacted a few of the experts on this brand in the US to no avail.

Does anyone out there in Agon land have a Lexicon remote that I could rent for a few days to get this set up to play my cd collection? I would be happy to pay for shipping both ways and a rental charge. Once I have the outputs set up I no longer need the remote, just need a one-time use.

Thanks in advance.



I bought this unit pre-owned ( USD 478 equivalent) here in Metro Manila, Philippines about two weeks ago for sacd/dvda playback. It is a beauty, was sturdily built and in almost pristine condition, except for part of the remote control’s rubber like coating that’s already sticky (poor choice of material by Lexicon, they should have used plain plastic or aluminum). Cd and sacd playback are excellent. I love the extended and very clear highs, very smooth mid and punchy bottom end. Dvda playback is also very good but not with the same level of excellence as sacd playback. The rt 10 beats my Marantz dv 6001 in all audio aspects. In some respects it also edges out my heavily modified Cayin CD-50t tube cd player. I’m happy with this purchase and I think this will be for keeps!  DQ Fan Feedback



Good to read this RT 10 report from Manila. It is a very fine CD/SACD player.


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I haven’t found an oem remote, but did get a Harmony universal. That worked well enough for me to discover some playback issues with the machine :(

I’ll be sending it off for service I guess.



Keep me posted on the repair Facility and process.


Happy Listening!

The RT-10 Disc Player is a reference-quality universal disc transport designed to play virtually any of the 5 optical media discs available today. It supports CD (including CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD, S-VCD, and MP-3), DVD (including DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, and DVD-RW), and SACD (stereo and multi-channel). Combining leading-edge audio and video technology, impressive analog circuitry, and an ample array of rear panel connectors, the RT-10 is at home in the finest music and cinema playback systems. DinarGuru