Lexicon RV-8 Paired with B&W Speakers

I am considering building a receiver based system as a secondary HT system. I am settled upon B&W 805S speakers for the fronts, FPM 6 for the center and B&W in-ceiling speakers for the surrounds. My question goes to the receiver. I am leaning towards the Lexicon RV-8, but am somewhat concerned that the combination may be too bright.

Has anyone had any experience with pairing Lexicon with B&W Nautilus speakers? If so, what are your thoughts?

Are receivers available that would be a better match for the 805s?

Finally, what cable would you recommend? I am leaning towards Synergistic, but would welcome your thoughts.

By the way, it is not possible for me to demo the proposed combination prior to purchase. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
I have Lexicon LX7 with Nautilus 803, HTM1, and 805. I feel that home theater it's a beautiful amp. But for music I feel the combination bright. I am experimenting with different cables this moment.

It is easier for you to view my system if you so choose. I am a big fan of synergystic cables I use them throught my system. If you have decided on your speakers purchase those first. Make sure whoever you purchase your Lexicon from has a 30 day return pollicy to allow for burn-in and a good listen.

Remember to take the system as a whole.