LFD NCSE and JL F110

LFD NCSE does not have preout for subs. So I need to use the speaker out to connect to a pair of JL F110. JL F110 has R and L unbalanced inputs available but does not says if they are line level or speaker level. Can I connect the LFD NCSE to JL F110 or do I need to get new subs? Please help. I tried to figure this out on my own but it's been just confusing.
There is a tape out on the NCSE which should work fine for line level if that's the way you want to run your subs.
Sorry, but the tape outputs are NOT controlled by the LFD volume control, so you would have to adjust the level on the JL F110 every time you would change the volume on the LFD. Hence, not a solution.
Unbalanced RCA type inputs are always line level. Unfortunately the balanced inputs on the Fathom are also line level; the manual states:
If your home-theater receiver or preamplifier/processor provides balanced outputs, the Fathom’s balanced inputs are the preferred connection."
If you are planning on keeping your LFD, you either need new subs, or explore if a reputable modder can install pre-outs on it.
Good luck,
Thanks. LFD NCSE only has unbalanced outputs. Is there some type of a connector that changes speaker level to line level so I can use JL F 110?